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DXR is safe and secure thanks to the Helix RPoS consensus algorithm. It can not be breached or hacked, and is the most secure up to date technology.

Dexter the next-gen reward and payment solution over the blockchain.


We believe our DXR tokens can solve 2 crucial problems in our current market.

We make sure the speed and transaction is real time,and will not have any negative impact on user experience, even if thousands of people pay at the same time. Aside from that we make sure it is safe to use through our randomized proof of stake system, payments are safe, secure and registered.

We make sure the right people receive the right rewards for their contributions. Setting up loyalty rewards for your company should be simple and easy, as well as distribution of rewards towards end users.

Use Cases

We believe that too many tokens do not have any real use case, hence we want to show some real partnerships and real use case for our token, as well as examples of how DXR tokens can be and will be used in the future, and why you should join our ecosystem.

Arts Center

With DEXTER tokens or DXR you will be able to purchase tickets easily through your mobile phone at a world renowned arts Center in South Korea. All this will be fast, and convenient without any delays of confirmations. 1 click = 1 payment

Korean Entertainment

With DEXTER you will be able to get rewards from a korean entertainment giant, one of the largest entertainment company in South Korea by simply watching videos provided directly to your phone through our app. Loyalty rewards have never been this easy and convenient.

Those are just a few small examples of existing use cases why DXR is being used in the real world, with real partnership.


What makes us even more

DXR is built on the ORBS main network

Orbs is using Virtual Chains and intelligent sharding, making it possible to have the possible transactions speed requirement for the Dexter Network to function properly.

We are using randomized Proof-of-Stake, to make sure that the network is fully secure and impossible to be hacked or breached.

Where to purchase


DXR is currently being traded and backed by one of the largest and most trusted korean exchanges in the world, Coinbit.co.kr

They are listed on coinmarketcap and have one of the largest daily trading volume not only in Korea, but in the world which you can find here:

DXR Token Metrics
Dexter(DXR) Coins Total issue volume

103,622,100 DXR




DXR is currently available for trading and is fully backed by one of the biggest crypto exchange in the world.


Hexa Labs is a decentralized solutions provider and consultancy, and Orbs’ business arm. Hexa Labs helps companies that are seeking their next phase of growth through blockchain technologies. Their clients include 3 of the top 10 ICOs of 2017 as well as established companies and startups building products that offer real value to the market.

Services include everything from product conception through development and go-to-market strategy.


The DEXTER app is built on the ORBS main network to make sure that it has the right possible scaling, speed and security solution. We truly believe that this partnership is at utmost importance to make sure that the app can work flawlessly even when millions of users are using it at the same time.


Bitgosu Partners is a leading South Korean blockchain media and PR venture. Running a Crypto TV Station from their office in Seoul, Bitgosu has become the biggest crypto community in South Korea.

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